About Hyman Farms

Our mission is to formulate and produce botanically-based products, including the creation of natural products which are composed of plant extracts that are beneficial to human health and well-being. Our small, research-based muscadine farm vineyard serves as a support model for 21st century agricultural practices in South Carolina.

Heritage that’s rich in Antioxidants

Hyman Farms, Inc. is a South Carolina Agri-business specializing in growing and processing botanical based raw materials for the development of nutraceutical and cosmaceutical products. Every botanical grown has special attention paid to the research and development of each aspect of the botanical. By doing so, we take the steps necessary to create quality life enhancing products which inherently promote healthy lifestyles.

The heritage of Hyman Farms dates back to the late 1800s where members of the Hyman Family have been farming a variety of crops in the Pee Dee area of Eastern South Carolina for five generations. With a shift from traditional farming to the 21st Century farming, Hyman Vineyards was created and since has become the main focus. The Hyman Family planted a muscadine vineyard just outside Conway, South Carolina, where they grow naturally sweet muscadine grapes for both medicinal and consumption purposes. The muscadine grapes have been around the rich, fertile soils of the South Carolina Pee Dee Coastal Plain for thousands of years and will continue to be here for the benefit of future generations.

Hyman Vineyards continually seeks to farm and grow botanicals which not only have the ability to enrich your health, but also enrich your lifestyle.

So here’s to your health and happiness for years to come!

Our Vineyard

Hyman Vineyards is a natural products company that has a hand in all aspects of the vineyard, including: growing, formulating, producing and marketing our line of natural products. By doing this, Hyman Vineyards is helping set the stage for alternative crop growing throughout the state of South Carolina and the entire Southern region, where muscadines, and other related botanicals, are native to the soil. Growing alternative crops such as muscadine grapes is just one of many powerful ways farmers have the opportunity to grow healthy, natural crops for a commercial purpose other than simply selling fresh produce. Join Hyman Vineyards as we show by example how farmers can participate in all aspects of retail and commercial product production, from start to finish! For further information visit, CASGA (Carolina Agri-Solutions Growers Association) at USDA Value-Added Producer Grant, Hyman Vineyards was given the resources necessary to become a model for rural economic development in the coastal Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. This project provided an example of value added success for the farming community that suffers from disappearing agricultural productivity and employment. Funding has allowed Hyman Vineyards to formulate and produce Muscadine grape extracts, which naturally have high concentrations of antioxidants, which are being used in formulation and production of nutraceutical product lines.

About Our Muscadines:

At Hyman Vineyards, we grow three varietals of muscadine grapes: Carlos, Noble, & Doreen. Each type of muscadine grape grows differently and requires special attention to each varietal’s specific needs.

Muscadines are an excellent source of many of the nutrients we need on a daily basis. All varieties of muscadine grapes grown at our vineyard benefit from the rich, fertile soils of the South Carolina Pee Dee Coastal Plain. These indigenous grapes are supplied nutrients from the numerous river systems of the Appalachian Mountains, making surrounding soils so nutrient-rich.

In addition, muscadines have been used to make excellent wines dating back to the 16th Century. Our muscadine grape products contain nutraceutical compounds recognized to aid human health. We focus on using plant extracts containing these nutraceutical compounds for both external (skin care & specialty products) and internal usage (antioxidant dietary supplements). For further information regarding muscadines, please take a look around the Hyman Vineyards site and be sure to visit the Muscadine Research section of this site. Thank you for your interest in our grapes.

Our Future

Hyman Vineyards is currently undertaking many new activities including: introducing our line of naturally sweet muscadine wines; building a clubhouse & winery at the vineyard; developing The Vineyard at Keysfield (a real estate development next to the vineyard) and more! With growing support from associations, chambers of commerce, government agencies, boards of trade and economic development committees, Hyman Vineyards is looking toward the future in every action we take. From product research and development to new growth opportunities for coastal Pee Dee area farmers, you can rest assured that Hyman Vineyards will continue to provide wholesome, natural products for your families and businesses. Our future is bright, so we invite you to participate in our growth!

Product Development

Hyman Vineyards’ line of natural products have been formulated and produced based on laboratory and clinical research. As the public continues to demand natural alternatives to expensive, intrusive medical practices, Hyman Vineyards will continue to emphasize research-based natural products. These research efforts will include the investigation of the concentrations of nutraceutical compounds in muscadines and other nutritious fruits and vegetables such as red raspberries, blueberries, pomegranate and more. Based on crop varieties, length of growing season and harvesting procedures, we will continue to expand our natural product lines.

Agronomics & Agritourism

Hyman Vineyards grows its own muscadine grapes, partially processes these muscadine grapes, contracts inventory of muscadine grapes and other fruits and vegetables from rural growers, and contracts the formulation of muscadine (and other fruits and veggies such as red raspberry) products for natural cosmetics, food supplements and nutritional food products. In addition, Hyman Vineyards will formulate and sell plant extracts to other commercial and retail companies. These approaches, coupled with the grant funding given to Hyman Vineyards and involvement of the Carolina Agri-Solutions Growers Association (CASGA), serves as an agronomical model for the individual producer in South Carolina and throughout the South.

Agritourism is a style of vacation in which hospitality is offered on farms. At Hyman Vineyards, it is our goal to create an enriching environment where fun and education can meet. A place where natural, wholesome foods and products can be purchased that everyone can feel good about — not only because you know the products are good for you and your family, but because you can physically see where the products have come from and how the products have been made.

A mini tour of the area’s farming heritage & the Hyman Vineyards winery is planned to open in late 2008, where visitors may view Hyman Vineyards’ line of sweet muscadine wines being made. A gallery of former tobacco farms, in conjunction with the South Carolina Muscadine Initiative and South Carolina Tobacco Trail (along with the vineyard gift shop) will provide a unique, Southern flair which is sure to create a family, “farm fresh” environment. One in which special events and weddings can be held. We hope that you and your family will have a truly unique and memorable experience when visiting Hyman Vineyards and will return for years to come!