…..MUSCABERRI…… I want to keep using the same one I have used for many months. It does have a good effect on me. I have a blood cancer and I don’ know if this is the answer, but my cancer level has been staying low while I am using this and other treatments.

I have been on the Muscaberri tablets for about 6 months. The first thing I noticed after taking them for 30 days was my sinus problem was better.
L.R. Cox, Conway, SC

For years I have had a cough that doctors and myself couldn’t stop – then came the Muscaberri supplements and the cough is gone!
CL Sweeney, Conway, SC

After having Shingles, nails on my left hand stopped growing. I then used the Raspberry Body Lotion and they have started growing, finally!
CL Sweeney, Conway, SC

Muscadine Grape Seed Capsules:
“I have suffered from seasonal allergies and sinus infections for a long time. It seemed like every couple of months I would pay a visit to the doctor’s office to get prescription medication to help fight allergies and infections. It was a normal routine to get sick, pay the doctor, take medication, and take two weeks to recover. I hate to think of how much money I have spent just in doctors and medication fees.

I have a new tune now, however. Every since finding out about Muscadine Grape Seed and it’s healthful benefits I have become a changed man. I take two capsules of Hyman Vineyards Muscadine Grape Seed every morning and since doing so I have not only not suffered from the dreadful sinus infection, I have also shaved 10 points off my cholesterol. It’s been an amazing experience seeing the change in my health just from taking a couple of all natural grape seed capsules. Some may suggest that I did other stuff to have such a drastic change in health, but I tell you I haven’t. I’m like most other normal men, I exercise occasionally, don’t have any special diet, and don’t do anything out of the ordinary. The only thing I changed was adding the daily regimen of taking the grape seed capsules.

I would recommend to anyone, adult or child, to consider taking this to help their immune system fight off colds, allergies, and yes, even fight high cholesterol. “

Kevin Cox
Conway, SC